The Future of AI

     based on Synthetic Data

Experience a custom tailored AI learning data and video/image

analysis solution system for your industrial sites with

Another Real's 3D simulation-based synthetic data generation technology

The wonderful combination of

Synthetic Data and AI Video/Image Analysis Technology

AI video/image analysis technology has been introduced to

many industries over the past few years for better field productivity and safety management.

In the industrial fields/sites where various events and changes occur on a daily basis,

a more diverse and wide range of learning data is required for the development and implementation of AI image/video analysis.

Fortunately, Another Real has succeeded in developing a new technology

that can generate synthetic data that can secure a high quantity of high-quality learning data for

AI video/image analysis using our state-of-the-art 3D simulation technology.

With our technology, we can finally develop an AI video/image analysis system

and maximize its performance, optimizing it for various industrial sites.

The set of learning data generated through Another Real's synthetic data generation technology supports the development of a more accurate and reliable AI video/image analysis solution.

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