Another Eye

ANOTHER EYE is a monitoring solution that provides visualized information

in various ways based on the results of Another Vision's high-quality analysis.

Based on the AI video/image analysis of ANOTHER REAL,

ANOTHER EYE will provide visualized information

in various forms that can suit your needs and convenience.

Another Eye Main Function

Can register up to 16 cameras at once, providing an optimized live monitoring environment.

You can selectively apply video/image analysis feature to specific areas by setting the ROI.

Preset the angle and zoom of the connected camera for easy operation.

Provide an environment that allows you to set the desired angle and zoom for the connected camera even in remote situations.

Provide an optimized scheduling environment so the analysis can be carried out at the desired time/schedule.

Provide an environment where stored AI video/image analysis results can be retreived. (based on set conditions)

Visualize & Provide analysis information in various forms. (tables, graphs, 2D, 3D, etc.)

Provides a feature to interlink the ANOTHER EYE feature to existing control/management solutions and systems.