Another Vision

Thorugh the learning data generated by ANOTHER DATA,

we provide an optimized safety management algorithm based on your industry/field/site/etc.

ANOTHER VISION combines existing learning data

and the set of new learning data generated with ANOTHER DATA provide

a customized video/image analysis algorithm optimized for the field.

ANOTHER VISION Video/Image Analysis


a customized AI video/image analysis feature for a variety of industries/sites.

It recognizes the facilities, equipment, and workers at the constructions sites to prevent on-site safety accidents while providing an in-depth analysis of the current on-site operation status.

#Preventing Safety Accidents #Safety Accident Management #Productivity Management #Inventory/Material Identification

It provides an optimized video/image analysis service that can help you create a pleasant traffic/transportation environment by analyzing the current traffic environment. (pedestrians, structures, vehicles, etc.)

#Pedestrian Analysis #Vehicle Analysis

#Accident/Hazard Risk Analysis

It provides an in-depth analysis of the postures/movements of the patient for better patient treatment/management, allowing you to establish a more efficient environment for patient/treatment facility management.

#Movement/Posture Analysis #Patient Risk/Hazard Analysis #Disease/Injury Analysis

Provides a feature that allows you to make efficient decisions during military training or emergency situations, including the management of military facilities and equipment.

#Equipment Management #Activity Analysis

#Military Facility Management #IFF (Identification Friend or Foe)

Provides a CCTV/Drone-based AI video/image analysis feature regarding natural disasters and many other social issues that may occur.

#CCTV Analysis #Drone Analysis #Natural Disaster Analysis #Drowning & Missing Person Analysis

ANOTHER VISION Delivery/Provision Phase

ANOTHER EYE provides field/site-optimized algorithms based on an in-depth consulting that focuses on on-site environment analysis and customer/client demands.