Another Real promote Another Vision in Central and South America with BTCO latam!

12 Jul 2023

It was announced on the 23rd that Alfredo Fuentes, CEO of BTCO (, and Dario Diaz, GM, visited Another Real (CEO Valeria Kim), a company specializing in customizing video analysis solutions, and agreed to promote Another Vision's Latin American business.  

BTCO is headquartered in Chile and has over 40 years of experience providing CCTV and video security services in Chile, Colombia and Peru. 

Currently, as a strategic partner of IDIS in South America, it provides video security services to financial, mining, transportation and correctional facilities. 

BTCO CEO Alfredo Fuentes and GM Dario Diaz, who visited Another Real, have cooperated with Another Real's CEO Valeria Kim in the CCTV video security service business between Korea and Latin America for about 20 years. 

Through this visit, BTCO has strong confidence in the possibility of expanding the Latin American market of Another Vision, a customized video analysis solution, and promotes an MOU between the two companies to establish a bridgehead for Another Vision's business in Latin America in the future agreed to do.