Another Real, participated in the '9th Ship Application New Technology Briefing and Product Exhibition'

12 Jul 2023

AI video analysis learning data specialist 'Another Real' held at the Jinhae JK Convention (formerly Jinhae Navy Hall) at the '9th Ship Application New Technology Briefing and Product Exhibition' to learn AI video analysis based on metaverse implementation technology Data generation technology, Another Data, was exhibited. 

The ‘New Technology Briefing and Product Exhibition for Ship Applications’ is hosted by the Naval Logistics Command’s Naval Logistics Research Center and is an event to contribute to the development of the naval logistics support system.


Another Data of Another Real is a technology that creates AI learning data using metaverse implementation technology. Realize the field to which the AI image analysis model should be applied in 3D, and build a 3D simulation environment by setting the movement and interaction of objects according to the corner case (incident, accident, etc.) scenario that AI image analysis should recognize. 

Afterwards, the 3D simulation situation is filmed using a virtual camera to collect data, and the collected data is stored in the form of learning data through automatic labeling so that it can be learned by the AI image analysis model. 

Another Data creates data that is difficult to collect in reality through a 3D simulation environment, so that insufficient data can be supplemented or necessary data can be freely created and used. Because it can create learning data free from security, it drew attention at this event as a base technology that can apply AI image analysis solutions to ships.