Another Real awarded the Grand prize in Hansol PNS IT Division Open Innovation Contest

12 Jul 2023

Another Real  (CEO Valeria Kim) announced that it won the grand prize at the 'Hansol PNS Open Innovation Contest (IT sector)' co-hosted by the Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center and Hansol PNS. 

This open innovation contest was conducted for participation by SMEs or companies within 7 years of founding with innovative smart safety management technology, service capabilities and expertise in the field of smart factory. 

It received a high score for 'Another Vision,' an AI video analysis solution for worker posture for accident prevention, and won the grand prize.

Due to the grand prize, Another Real will be provided with business cooperation opportunities (PoC and business alliances, etc.) with Hansol PNS first, and registered as an incubator at the Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center to receive support for investment support projects and expert mentoring. 

The Another Vision solution, which focuses on the prevention of safety accidents revealed by Another Real  in this contest, analyzes the types of major industrial accidents that have frequently occurred to field workers, and analyzes the posture and movement of workers in the event of an accident and the surrounding situation. 

The key is to create synthetic data through 3D simulation of the AI video analysis model and use it to learn the AI video analysis model. 

Another Vision is characterized by providing a video analysis function that can remove or manage risk factors that can cause safety accidents in advance, along with the fact that it is possible to analyze the overall risk posture, movement, and situation of workers related to accidents. 

Valeria Kim CEO of Another Real said, “I am very happy and proud that our industrial safety AI video analysis solution was highly evaluated in this contest. We will do our best to develop AI video analysis technology that can do it.” 

In addition, she announced that she would donate the prize money received through this contest to the prevention of industrial accidents.